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The most rewarding crypto ever!

Get timely, unlimited rewards everyday.


Promote Hola Coins and earn free Hola Coins.

Start Earning With Zero Investment.

Our reward program helps you bring financial freedom to your community. And as a bonus, you get a steady stream of income too.


Promoter Rewards provides you with additional rewards for promoting and supporting Hola Coins. Help us to promote the project and win rewards every month!

Rewards - 70 HAC


Start promoting Hola Coins from home with zero investment and earn up to 15% of each trade you refer.

Rewards - Unlimited!


Be a Hola Coins Educator for the people around you and you can earn up to 2500 HAC based on your activities. 

Rewards - 2500 HAC.


Create educational and useful content about Hola Coins in any language and win free HAC. 

Rewards - 500 HAC.

High trader

Trade your way to the top ;) Buy or sell Hola Coins and get a chance to win Coinback every month.

Rewards - 1000 HAC.

Or if you've something else in your mind to promote Hola Coins please write to

Terms and conditions


  1. The rewards are given in Hola Coins tokens which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), or other currency.

  2. In cases of fraudulent/suspicious activities, Hola Coins solely reserves the right to revoke the offer.

  3. Hola Coins reserves the right to cancel fraudulently obtained rewards and put restrictions on suspicious accounts as deemed appropriate by our fraud prevention systems.

  4. Hola Coins solely reserves the right to change offer terms at any time without prior notice.

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We are more than a cryptocurrency. We are a community! Join the discussion on Telegram and stay up to date with announcements.

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