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As a part of this program, here is what you would do:

  1. First, understanding Hola Coins and the payment system is the most important thing. We will help you gain this knowledge.

  2. Be a Hola Coins Educator for the people around you. This means:

  • Spreading awareness about Hola Coins

  • Telling them facts

  • Organize meetups in your city/town

  • Organize webinars

  • Get Rewards for every meetup/webinar you organize

Hola Coins team will back these educators up by providing constant support and rewards.

Rewards - 2500 HAC.

You can earn up to 2500 HAC based on your activities.

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Sother Shondhan Talukda
Sother Shondhan Talukda
Mar 31, 2021
Rewards - 500 HAC
  • You can earn up to 500 HAC per content.

  • Rewards are based on the

  1. Type of the content

  2. Quality of the content


  4. Engagement

  5. Channel or medium reputation

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