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New Coin Listing: Deonex (DON)

Dear Members,

We are delighted to announce the upcoming listing of Deonex (DON), a utility token running on the Tron blockchain. Deposits, trading, and withdrawals will open at 07.00 UTC SEP 02, 2022. Trading pairs: DON/USDT, DON/HAC.

Listing time: 07.00 UTC SEP 02 ,2022

About the project

The next-gen money!

Deonex coin is a decentralized, scalable cryptocurrency based on the TRON blockchain (TRC20) technology. With this currency, Deonex aims to create a cryptocurrency experience that works for everyone and having more

utility value.

Congratulations to the team and welcome to Hola Wallet.

Hola Team.

Disclaimer: The above information is provided directly from the token team.

Risk Alert: Please ensure you have done your research on the fundamental concepts and fully understand this project before opting to trade. Hola Wallet will make the best efforts to list high-quality token projects, but will not be responsible for any of your trading losses.

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4 commentaires

02 sept. 2022

How to sell another coins in hola wallet


Dhilshad Km Dhilshad
Dhilshad Km Dhilshad
31 août 2022



30 août 2022

🌺 Birthday on April 01/1959

Welcome Deonex/Don


അർഷാദ് ടി arshad t
അർഷാദ് ടി arshad t
30 août 2022

Welocome. To deonex don

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