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Invest in Hola Coins now before it is too late!

Do not be the last to invest. There is only one rule Buy Low and Sell High.

How To Buy Hola Coins

Currently, we are not issuing new tokens. The best way to get Hola Coins is from an existing member. Buying Hola Coins from an unknown member may be risky. That's why we launched the Hola affiliate program. Because we value your money and privacy.

Buy Hola Coins, Be First
  • Sign up with the Hola coins mobile application

  • Select a verified affiliate member and tap 'Connect'

  • Provide details and select a payment method (You can buy Hola Coins with Bitcoin, Etherium, and Direct pay)

  • You'll get an e-mail confirmation, confirm your order

  • Receive payment information via e-mail

  • Complete payment

  • Hola verification

  • Coins will be added to your Hola account

Your money is safe!

Hola Coins screens all transactions with a dedicated operations team, and each transaction is approved manually to prevent fraud and money laundering. To prevent fraud, we put a hold on the HAC on the affiliate's account once your order has been confirmed. Once you complete the purchase, we will deposit your HAC directly to your Hola wallet.

The Hola Coins is growing at an impressive rate!

+ 33700%▲

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Asif Hussain
Asif Hussain

not work to withdrwal pakistan why

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