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Get ready to migrate to the whole new Hola Wallet.

We are in the final stage of testing the new Hola Wallet and will release the software update soon. You can expect a bundle of changes this time and it's all on the way. Along with the new updates, we will post a guide on how to migrate your old account to the new Hola Wallet app. Stay tuned for updates.

Here is the list of the major changes that are going to happen in your account;

  • Password Policy Change: To ensure better security for your account, we have included a few more features.

  • Referral Code or Username Policy Change: In order to make it more user-friendly, there are a few changes in the referral code or username policy that seemed important.

  • 2FA Policy Change: There will also be a slight change to the 2FA policy to make security strong.


  • Mobile Number Verification

  • KYC Verification

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