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Hola Coins Support Plan!

Donate 10 USD and get rewarded in Hola Coins, because we believe every effort deserves a reward.

Since Hola Coins has been on a bull run for quite some time, many new members can't afford Hola Coins. So we decided to launch a program to help these members to earn more tokens.

Hola Coins promises all the community members that the funds will be used for R&D work and building the HOLA ecosystem. Hola Coins will reward these community members who have offered financial help to Hola Coins. These rewards will be taken from the funds locked by the Hola Coins Foundation.

Pick a plan

Contribution: $10

You get
0.65 HAC per month for one year.

ie: You get 7.8‬0 HAC in 12 Months.

Contribution: $16

You get
1.00 HAC per month for one year.

ie: You get 12.00 HAC in 12 Months.

Contribution: $25

You get
2.00 HAC per month for one year.

ie: You get 24.00 HAC in 12 Months.

Referral Rewards

You get 1 free HAC every time the people you introduce to Hola Coins donates to the Hola Support program.

Contact us to find out more

Emails are generally responded within 24 hours.

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Create your free account in minutes and join the fastest-growing crypto community. Hola Coins is a members-only payment network, you need a referral code to signup with Hola Coins.

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