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Investing in crypto is risky because it is too volatile. but not anymore, with hola coins, you can reduce the risk associated with crypto investing. you can earn unbeatable rewards every time you use hola coins. this means you can earn free Hola Coins every day for every action, so the risk is minimal here and the earning potential is high.

Get rewarded for every action

Hola Coins Network Sign Up Bonus

After your successful registration with Hola Coins, you will get 1.00 HAC instantly. Signup reward will be credited to your Hola Coins wallet.

Referral Rewards

Refer a friend, earn crypto together! Help us introduce the new financial system and get the opportunity to earn free Hola Coins for both you and your friend. It’s a win-win for you both!

  • They get
    Once your friend completes sign-up with Hola Coins, he/she will get 1.00 HAC.

  • You get
    Once your friend completes their first buy order, you will receive 5% of the trade.

After the first trade, every time your friends complete their buy order, you will receive 1% of the trade.


Earn instant rewards by completing small tasks, follow us on Telegram, retweet on Twitter, and share a Facebook post, etc. It's that easy!

  • Airdrops are an excellent opportunity to earn unlimited Hola Coins.
  • Check the airdrops page regularly for the latest airdrops and for more information.

Daily Rewards

Earn crypto on your holdings with a tap of a button. Staking crypto has never been so simple. Just deposit and hold Hola Coins in your Hola wallet and earn daily rewards.

You can earn up to 1.00 HAC per day!
Minimum deposit: 25 HAC Calculate Your Earnings
How to Stake Hola Coins?

  • Just deposit Hola Coins in your Hola coins wallet, that's all.
  • You'll receive daily rewards automatically until you withdraw or transfer your coins.

Affiliate Rewards

The best way to earn unlimited Hola Coins. Get a 15% commission for each sale. How Does It Work?

  1. Become a Hola Affiliate
    (Apply and get verified)
  2. Promote Hola Coins
    (Educate more people about Hola Coins)
  3. Earn
    (When someone buys Hola Coins directly from you via our P2P portal, you will get a 15% commission for each sale)

By joining as a Hola Affiliate you get a steady stream of income too.

  • A verified Hola Affiliate account
  • A minimum purchase of 500 HAC
Join the affiliates club

Scratch cards - Coming soon!

Use Hola Coins to send HAC to or receive HAC from someone else. You’ll get a scratch card.

Hola Games - Coming soon!

Play games and win free Hola Coins.

Terms and conditions

  1. All rewards are credited to your Hola Coins wallet within 72 hours.
  2. The rewards are given in Hola Coins tokens which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), or other currency.
  3. In cases of fraudulent/suspicious activities, Hola Coins solely reserves the right to revoke the offer.
  4. Hola Coins reserves the right to cancel fraudulently obtained rewards and put restrictions on suspicious accounts as deemed appropriate by our fraud prevention systems.
  5. Hola Coins solely reserves the right to change offer terms at any time without prior notice.

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