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Get Paid for Bringing People to Hola Wallet.

Instant Income on Every Trade or Stake.

Partner with the fastest growing crypto platform in the world

Earn 1% trade commission

You make money every time the people you introduce to Hola Wallet, buy Hola Coin.

Earn 50% stake commission

When the people you invite stake HAC or USDT on Hola Wallet.

Cash Out Anytime

Once you've earned at least 1 HAC, you can cash out your earnings anytime you want.

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How Does It Work?

Start making money in three simple steps.

  1. Invite Anyone
    Share your Referral code on social media, crypto forums, or communities.


  2. Get Them to Trade or Stake
    Educate your friends about crypto and how to trade or stake on Hola Wallet. 


  3. Get Paid
    Earn Crypto! cash out your earnings anytime you want.


Referral rewards disclaimer

Hola Wallet reserves the right to disqualify and revoke rewards from participants who engage in dishonest or abusive activities. This includes bulk-account registrations to obtain additional bonuses and any other activity in connection with unlawful, fraudulent, or harmful purposes.

Hola Wallet reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion.

All participants must strictly abide by the Hola Terms of Use.

Hola Wallet reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

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Capital at risk! Hola Wallet's cryptocurrency service is not regulated by the FCA. 

Trading in cryptocurrencies is subject to market and legal risks. Prices in one country may differ from prices in other countries. Hola Wallet does not guarantee any returns. Use Hola Wallet's services at your own risk.

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