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What does 2022 mean for Hola Coins?

Hola Coins will release new software updates to welcome 2022.

On-chain mode

Hola Coins will move to complete on-chain mode, which means that all transactions will be posted to distributed public ledgers. It involves that the transaction is validated and authenticated by a sufficient number of participants, the recording of the transaction details in the appropriate block and the broadcasting of the necessary information to the entire blockchain network, which make it irreversible.

Multi crypto wallet

Hola Coins will introduce a special update that will allow you to store other cryptocurrencies and tokens safely and easily in the wallet.

Change of Blockchain

To avoid ever-increasing blockchain traffic and GAS fees, Hola Coins will migrate from Ethereum Blockchain to Tron blockchain.


The Hola Instant Swap feature allows you to swap Hola Coins for other cryptos such as BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX, and USDT. You can also keep these coins in the Hola wallet App. When you convert Hola Coins to other currencies, you can have the chance to get free HAC. And also, we will eventually add more coins and tokens.


We will provide a liquidity pool for HAC that will help our members to cash out HAC instantly or exchange HAC for other cryptos.

Liquidity rewards

Members can add liquidity to Hola Coins and earn rewards from Hola Coins while HOLDING their funds in the liquidity pool. The bottom line is that there is no minimum amount or limit for you to earn as long as you hold it.


Hola Coins will continue to provide off-chain transactions to facilitate faster, no-cost payments.


With the new updates rolled out, KYC verification will be available globally.

Reward programs

With new updates to the software, we will provide our esteemed members with unique opportunities to earn more than ever, including the new Staking program for HAC and USDT.

Staking program

The new updates will replace the current staking program and implement more rewarding and promised programs.

Affiliate program and referrals

We will introduce new plans, such as affiliate and referral programs, to accelerate the journey to more value and benefits.


With the updates, we will add more shopping features for the members such as gift cards, online payments, business payments, and many more.

Crypto credit

Hola Coins will provide loans for your crypto collateral through an easy and simple process with no hassle and credit check. You can avail yourself of up to 50% credit on your crypto collateral.

Best user experience

We will simplify things for a better user experience in every way. Therefore, you can use the Hola Coins application to perform all your crypto-related activities in the simplest and most hassle-free way.

New UI

Hola Coins will appear with new UI elements to provide our users with a much better and smoother experience.

More security

We will add more security features to the Hola Wallet app in an attempt to protect your funds and identity.

Get ready to experience the whole new Hola wallet.

The new Hola wallet gives you the easiest and simplest blockchain financial experience. Get ready to build your crypto portfolio with an Hola wallet.

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