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We are now closing the special contest, Refer and Get $1.

Dear members,

We are very disappointed to let you that due to the heavy number of fake signups and fake KYC submissions we are now closing the special contest, Refer and Get $1.

Many users exploit this great opportunity by creating fake accounts, using KYC documents of family members, and also using the same KYC documents for multiple accounts.

Since it is difficult to filter such accounts, we have decided to discontinue the contest and will resume it later with new terms and conditions.

Please note that Hola Wallet reserves the right to cancel fraudulently earned rewards and place restrictions on suspicious accounts as our fraud prevention systems deem appropriate.

We regret the inconvenience that happened to genuine members and would like to thank you for your continued support and trust.

Hola Wallet Team.

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Kahraman Bezek
Kahraman Bezek
07 ene 2023

3 yıl önce referansımız paylaştım, enson gördüğüm 59 kişiye referans olmuştum. Raferan olun 1 dolar kazanın söyleniyordu, güncelleme sonrası 0.700 hac var, bu olayın nedeni nedendir. Bilgisi olan varmı

Me gusta

David arya
David arya
03 jun 2022

i deleted the program completely. I hope the managers of this project will pay for all the oppression they did to me and this year. with this ridiculous update, it means that my robot or my account was fake, I do not know what information I wrote in my account, I only have my email and password, I tried several times to log in to my account, to no avail

Me gusta
14 jul 2023
Contestando a

Me too they deleted my account too for no dang reason! Horrible I paid good money for those coins

Me gusta
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