Upcoming changes to Hola Rewards!

New reward programs will be activated after the new Hola Wallet update is released. And we expect it by Q1- 2022.

Highest Staking Rewards Ever!

The industry witnessed a steady rise, and oftentimes a surge, in the number of users staking crypto to earn a fixed profit, and with the new Hola Staking rewards we intent to take this to whole another level.

  • APY going up to 60% Yes, you can earn up to 60% on HAC and USDC. That's the highest reward ever offered for staking. More details will be shared soon!

Highest Referral Rewards Ever!

  • Trade commission When the new referred user buys Hola Coins, you will get a 1% trade commission every time. Example: If the new referred user buys 100 HAC, you get 1 HAC free.

  • Staked rewards When the new referred user staked Hola Coins/ USDT, you will get a 50% Staked reward. Example: If the new referred user staked 100 HAC/USDT for one year @ 60% APY, then the user gets 5 HAC per month, and you get 2.5 HAC per month for free.

The new software update (Release date: Q1- 2022) will replace the current reward programs and implement more rewarding and promised programs.

No actions are needed from your end.


Team Hola Coins

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