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Single Account Policy

Dear members,

Please be advised that Hola Wallet has a strict single account policy, which means you can only have one account with Hola Wallet. This is to prevent fake accounts, rewards earned through multiple accounts, and to protect our community and investors. We never allow rewards to be earned via fake or multiple accounts.

We've identified that some members are using multiple accounts created with the data of family members to claim referral rewards. Please note that such practices are not allowed and we will take serious action against them, including revocation of rewards, account suspension and cancelation of your membership.

We have an intelligent fake detection system to monitor these types of actions. Which monitors your IP, location, KYC details, email, trading history, transfer history, login time and place, network, etc.

We kindly ask our members not to engage in these types of actions and would like you to be a trusted member and continue to earn eligible rewards.

Thank you.

Team Hola Wallet.

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Pradeep Sony
Pradeep Sony
Apr 01, 2022

I am single account

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