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Sell Hola Coin


Add a payment method before placing a sell order.

  1. Open Hola wallet

  2. Login to your account

  3. Tap the Wallet Options icon

  4. Tap “Sell”

  5. Tap “Quick Sell”

  6. Tap “Sell Hola Coin”

  7. Enter the Amount

  8. Select a Payment Method

  9. Tap “Place Order”

  10. Tap “Go to my orders” to view your order status

Wait till your order is accepted by a buyer.

If your order has been accepted then your coins will be deducted from your account automatically and you will receive the payment into your preferred payment method.

If your order has not been accepted by any buyers;

Please wait some time for new offers. You can track your order status on the "My Orders" page. Your order will be rejected automatically after 16hrs if no one accepted your order. Then you can place new orders.


Please contact Hola Support at

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