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Hola LaunchPad

Discover new, high-quality projects around the world.

The Hola LaunchPad is the best place to find potential crypto projects in its early stage. With Hola LaunchPad members can participate in a variety of public, private, and NFT sales.

Only Members above Tier 1 (Staked minimum 500 HAC) can participate in private sales and Auto Invest. The higher the tier, the greater the options will be.

✅ Private Sale

Private Sale is the first sale of tokens, which possibly results in a good return on investment (ROI) for those that are regarded as early supporters. With Private Sales, investors have the chance to get a quick return if a token purchased at a discount is sold at the price of the Public Sale when token trading begins.

✅ Public Sale

Public Sale offers an opportunity to investors to enter a cryptocurrency before it hits the market and appreciates. There are also lesser bonuses or discounts compared to the Private Sale periods.

✅ Auto-Invest

Hola Auto-Invest allows users to stake assets and receive rewards of 8-60%, which will be used to invest in new projects automatically. This investment method is zero-risk, and after the token sale, users can always fully withdraw their funds.

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