Getting Started: Hola Wallet Mobile App

Profile, Inbox & Personal Preferences

  • View your username & Profile picture

  • View notifications (Inbox)

  • Add, remove or edit personal preferences

  • KYC verification

  • Security

  • Support

  • Payment methods

Your Balance

  • View your Wallet Balance

  • Staked Coins

  • Rewards

Individual Coin/Token Balance

  • View individual coin/token balance

  • View individual coin/token market data

Stake/ Referral / Contests

  • Add or remove staking

  • View staking rewards and details

  • View referral code and program details

  • View active contests

Quick Send

  • Add or remove favorite contacts

Recent transactions

  • View details about recent transactions

Quick Options

  • Refresh (Refresh the entire application)

  • Market watch (View market data)

  • Wallet options (Send, receive, buy, sell, shop, donate)

  • More options

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