Does Hola Wallet have a Referral Program?

Yes, Hola Wallet has a referral program. You can find your referral code under the referral program on the Hola Wallet application.

Referral program details:

Trade commission:

You get a 1% trade commission when your referred signups buy Hola Coin.

Ie If your referred sign-ups buy 100 Hola Coins, you get 1 free Hola Coin as a trade commission.

Staking Rewards:

You get 50% staking rewards when your referred signups stake HAC or USDT. Ie if your friend staked 100 HAC/USDT for 1 year, he/she gets 5 HAC per month and you get 2.5 (50%) per month as a staking reward.

Note: Referral programs may change from time to time, we will give notifications about the change via our application, community, and social media.

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