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March - 2021 - Updates

Token deployed on the main network.

Hola Coins ERC20 Token (HAC) issued on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Check token information on
Etherscan or Ethplorer.

Listed on Decentralized Crypto Exchanges.

Hola Coins is listed on the following Decentralized Crypto Exchanges in order to facilitate external trading of Hola Coins. 





Coming Soon!

Now members can buy or sell Hola Coins via Decentralized Crypto Exchanges, but we recommend you to buy or sell Hola Coins via our P2P page to avoid a huge Network (GAS) fee.

Buy Hola Coins via our P2P Page

Sell Hola Coins via our P2P Page
Currently verified Hola Affiliate members can only participate in the Hola P2P marketplace trade. But still, you can sell your tokens by transferring tokens directly to the buyer's account. 


We strongly recommend that transfer your tokens only to known persons.  A Hola Coins transaction cannot be reversed, it can only be refunded by the person receiving the funds. This means you should take care to do business with people and organizations you know and trust

Withdraw funds to an external crypto wallet.

Members can now withdraw funds from their Hola wallet to any external crypto wallet which supports ERC20 tokens. External withdrawal currently not available via Hola Coins mobile application, but it will be made available soon. 

To withdraw Hola Coins to an external crypto wallet, please send a request via email to and we will guide you through the steps.



  • Reward programs are not supported by external wallets, you may stop receiving rewards if you move your tokens to external wallets.

  • Hola Coins will not be responsible for any security-related or other issues caused by using external wallets.

  • Withdrawals to external wallets are on-chain transactions and will incur Network (GAS) fee.

Improved community page and added new features.

We've improved the Hola Community page and added new features. Check out the community page in your Hola Coins application for more.

•  Added discussion forum
•  Added community signup
•  New Market watch 
•  Added Token explorers
•  Removed feeds


Hola Coins soon be moved to On-chain mode.

Current mode: Off-chain mode

Off-chain mode
Transactions will not be sent on-chain and are similar using an electronic payment system like PayPal. 

On-chain mode
On-chain transactions refer to transactions that are recorded and verified on the blockchain.

Coming soon!

• A new software update will be released soon.
• New referral program.

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