say hola to new money!

Experts estimate today’s crypto market cap at an avg. $150-200 bn, with over 2000 assets in existence. However, most of this value is excluded from the retail cycle: people can not use their digital assets for everyday payments. Hola Coins offers an opportunity to enter the real world and bring cryptocurrency to everyday payments.

Hola Coins is an up-coming scalable cryptocurrency, which enables open, instant, and low-cost global financial services so people everywhere can access to safe and affordable financial services. Hola Coins is accessible to anyone with an entry-level smartphone and data connectivity, this will create more connected global financial system.




mobile first


for the world




the hola blockchain

we are in the development of ‘The Hola Blockchain’, and it will take some time. For the time being Hola Coins will exist on the Ethereum blockchain rather than a less developed/tested “altcoin” blockchain nor within closed source software running on centralized, private databases.

Image by Ben Sweet

blockchain migration

when the Hola public chain begins, all the data and balances will be migrated from the Ethereum blockchain to The Hola Blockchain. The Hola Wallet will continue to operate as normal. All the data and balances on Hola Wallet will not be affected by the migration process.

what’s in it for you?

Support everyday payments for real goods and services that make wider adoption. Wider adoption means a growing demand, making it more attractive

use cases



Pay Your Friends and Family


Shop Online with Hola Coins Cryptocurrency.



Trade in-game assets with Hola Coins Cryptocurrency.


and it is for everyone

No matter where you live, what you do, or how much you earn. Hola Coins will be accessible to anyone with an entry-level smartphone and data connectivity.