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Hola LaunchPad

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Discover new, high-quality projects around the world.

The Hola LaunchPad is the best place to find potential crypto projects in its early stage. With Hola LaunchPad members can participate in a variety of public, private, and NFT sales. Get your hands on the most exclusive tokens before anyone else, and help to build the future of blockchain-based ventures in the process.

Only Members above Tier 1 (Staked minimum 500 HAC) can participate in private sales and Auto Invest. The higher the tier, the greater the options will be.

| Private Sale

Private Sale is the first sale of tokens, which possibly results in a good return on investment (ROI) for those that are regarded as early supporters. With Private Sales, investors have the chance to get a quick return if a token purchased at a discount is sold at the price of the Public Sale when token trading begins.

| Public Sale

Public Sale offers an opportunity to investors to enter a cryptocurrency before it hits the market and appreciates. There are also lesser bonuses or discounts compared to the Private Sale periods.

| Auto-Invest

Hola Auto-Invest allows users to stake assets and receive rewards of 8-60%, which will be used to invest in new projects automatically. This investment method is zero-risk, and after the token sale, users can always fully withdraw their funds.

| Why Hola LaunchPad?

Invest in the Best Just Before They Rocket. The Hola LaunchPad is where we handpick the brightest projects for you.

  • Multi-Chain technology 

  • Always quality over quantity

  • Fair pool participation

  • Autopilot participation

| How can I participate in Hola LaunchPad?

First, you need to create your Hola Wallet account or log in with your existing account. Second, please make sure you have completed the KYC verification. Last but not least, you need to hold a certain amount of HAC/USDT for staking before participation. 

  • Open the Hola Wallet application

  • Login to your account

  • Tap on Wallet Options

  • Tap LaunchPad

  • Follow the instructions

| When will I find out about my allocation?

Allocations will only be calculated and released shortly after the registration period ends. The amount you will receive depends on the number of participants and the amount raised by the pool originator.

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Hola LaunchPad?

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Capital at risk! Hola Wallet's cryptocurrency service is not regulated by the FCA. 

Trading in cryptocurrencies is subject to market and legal risks. Prices in one country may differ from prices in other countries. Hola Wallet does not guarantee any returns. Use Hola Wallet's services at your own risk.

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