See The Future.

With help from our members, contributors, and investors these are the milestones we have achieved so far and milestones that we are looking forward to achieve.

2019 - Phase - Foundation

  • Litepaper published
    The story began, Hola Coins published the initial version of The Hola Litepaper, with a vision of addressing Bring Crypto To Everyone.

  • Funding
    We made a seed investment round with Friends & Family. We raised enough money to keep our company small and running. The funds have been primarily used to support both the development of our technology and the launch of the Prototype.

2020 - Phase - Prototyping

  • Prototyping
    We have successfully launched the Beta version of the Hola Coins mobile application. The objective is to learn how to make our vision a reality, find solutions that will remove the challenges that are blocking Cryptocurrency’s mass adoption before building the actual product.

  • Begin Airdrop
    Started issuing free airdrops to drive ecosystem expansion and growth.

  • Rewards
    Started issuing reward programs to help the early believers to collect more tokens.

  • Hola Wallet 3.0 launched
    We have successfully launched the much improved and secured Hola Wallet 3.0 Beta version of the Hola Coins mobile application.

  • Initial sale begins
    Successfully launched the pre-sale of HAC token via the Hola Coins website. As the main network had not been launched at the time, tokens were sold through Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFTs).

  • Peer-to-peer payments
    Members can directly make HAC (SAFTs) transfers to other members, with zero transaction fee. To do so, the sender just needs the email address of the receiver.

2021 - Phase - Functional

  • HAC Token
    Successfully launched HAC token (ERC-20) based on the Ethereum blockchain. Hola Tokens (HAC) is the native unit of account of the Hola Coins Network, created as a utility token needed to access the decentralized payment, contracting and token issuance capabilities of our technologies.

    We are in the development of ‘The Hola Blockchain’, and it will take some time. For the time being hola coins will exist on the ethereum blockchain rather than a less developed/tested “altcoin” blockchain nor within closed source software running on centralized, private databases.


  • More rewards!
    Investing in crypto is risky because it is too volatile. To reduce the risk we started rewarding our members, so that many can participate in the crypto space. This way we can make our vision a reality.

    Daily Rewards | Referal Rewards | Affiliate Rewards | Contests

  • Token Exchange Listing
    The HAC token has been successfully listed on the ForkDelta Decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange. ForkDelta is a decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange with the most ERC20 listings of any exchange. ForkDelta currently acts as an open-source, updated interface for EtherDelta's smart contract with an active and public development team.

    The official URL is


    More exchanges and tracking websites will be added after the Hola Coins application completely moved on to the On-chain mode.

  • Peer to Peer Marketplace
    Successfully added the Hola Peer to Peer Marketplace. Members can buy and sell their HAC Tokens (SAFTs) on their own terms, using any payment method. Trade directly with other members just like you!

  • 100K Holders!
    Hit 100K holders worldwide.

  • Hola Crypto Credit - Coming soon!
    Monetize your Hola Coins without selling them. Borrow Up to 50% of Your Hola Coins Collateral. This feature will be announced shortly. We are now inviting third-party liquidity provides to provide liquidity for Hola Crypto Credits, for more information please contact Hola Coins support.

  • On-Chain mode - Coming soon!
    An on-chain transaction, simply called a transaction, occurs and is considered valid when the blockchain is modified to reflect the transaction on the public ledger. It involves the transaction being validated and authenticated by a suitable number of participants, recording of the details of the transaction on the suitable block, and broadcasting of the necessary information to the whole blockchain network, which makes it irreversible.

  • Hola.Store - Coming soon!
    Shop online with Hola Coins. A new Crypto Shopping Experience!
  • Launch of Hola Games - Coming soon!
    Everybody wins! Reward players and put the power of digital ownership back in their hands. Start earning more from your gaming efforts.

2022 - Phase - Scaling

  • Hola Labs
  • The Hola Blockchain - Beta
  • Decentralization

2023 - Phase - Future

  • Hola frameworks
  • The Hola Blockchain migration
  • Hola Payments