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With help from our members, contributors, and investors these are the milestones we have achieved so far and milestones that we are looking forward to achieve.

2019 - Phase - Foundation

The story began when Hola Wallet published the initial version of The Hola Whitepaper with a vision of addressing Bring Crypto To Everyone. We made a seed investment round with Friends & Family. We raised enough money to keep our company small and running. The funds have been primarily used to support both the development of our technology and the launch of the Prototype.

2020 - Phase - Prototyping

We successfully launched the Initial version of the Hola Wallet mobile application and the Hola Coin (ERC 20 Tokens). The objective was to learn how to make our vision a reality, find solutions that will remove the challenges that are blocking Cryptocurrency’s mass adoption before building the actual product.

In the beginning, the Hola Wallet only supports Hola Tokens (ERC 20). To drive ecosystem expansion and growth, we started issuing free tokens (airdrops) to our members. Furthermore, we've started issuing reward programs to help the early believers to collect more tokens.

Then we successfully launched the pre-sale of HAC tokens via the Hola Wallet's website. As the main network had not been launched at the time, tokens were sold through Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFTs). Yet still, members can directly make HAC (SAFTs) transfers to other members with zero transaction fees. To do so, the sender just needs to have the email address of the receiver.

2021 - Phase - Functional

From this stage, we started building a much improved and secured Hola Wallet. We added more features and made the app much simpler so that newcomers can also jump into the crypto market very easily. We also added Hola Peer to Peer Marketplace. Members can buy and sell their HAC Tokens (SAFTs) on the Peer Marketplace on their own terms.

2022 - Phase - Scaling

Right now, we are here.
We have successfully launched the brand new Hola Wallet viz. the only app that you will need to manage your crypto. We also added more features like;
Hola Crypto Exchange, Hola InstaPay, Hola Smart P2P, Multi payment support, etc, and an engaging user experience so you can easily manage your crypto with Hola Wallet. 

The HAC token has been at the center of the Hola ecosystem by serving our community and powering all of our different products and services. Now we've upgraded HAC into a new token (TRC 20) to avoid the ever-increasing network traffic and the GAS fee.


Coming soon;
# Tracking Websites Listing
# NFT Marketplace
# Traditional P2P Marketplace 
# Hola Chat
# Borrow
# Hola Market Cap


2023 - Phase - Future

  • Business Payments

  • Buyer Protection

  • Hola Games

  • The Hola Blockchain - Beta

  • Decentralization

  • Hola frameworks

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